Mediterranean Olives

The Challenge

Make Spain’s Number 1 olive brand loved in the UK too.


First up, we had to give these beauties a brand attitude and strategy that worked for the UK market. Whilst in Spain everyone grew up with olives, most people here don’t know their Hojiblanca from their Manzanilla. So a little education and information about olives, and how great they are, was needed too.

The brand campaign focused on showing the versatility of olives, positioning them as the more interesting alternative to traditional UK snack foods. This was supported by in-store magazine ads with appetizing photography that shared recipe ideas and inspiration.

Online, we created a brand website and a long-term social media strategy. After defining a relevant social audience, we created content including photography and video across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. With info, quizzes, ideas, inspiration and the odd competition, all wrapped up in our brand tone of voice, we’ve continually connected with our audience. Month on month our followers and engagement have grown.

Done Better

  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Print
  • In-Store
  • PR

Do Better Skill Sets

  • Design
  • Concepts
  • Copywriting
  • Art Direction
  • Coding
  • Photography