Harvest Morn Cereals

The Challenge

The entire Harvest Morn range of cereals required some serious wakey wakey to give it far more shelf presence and become a breakfast table staple.


Come on, who actually bounces out of bed? Sleep inertia combined with our over-scheduled lives (too little sleep and not enough things that bring us joy) ensures it. So, our aim was to deliver 'happy' branding that - in one way or another - makes those early morning minutes that little bit more palatable thanks to a gratifying and memorable product experience.

Our first job was to create a masthead to boost brand prominence and create a consistent family presence across the entire range. Previously the box was cluttered and all elements fought for attention. Simplification and unifying features were order of the day to push brand harder without overpowering product.

Once completed, we looked at introducing further consistencies. This meant cereal bowls showing product would be shot in exactly the same way on every variant. Cheeky and fun tone-of-voice mottos were written to enhance product benefits or flavours. Finally, a full suite of health & benefit icons were designed to be used across the range on front, rear, and sides of pack.

The end result is not a revolution. It's more about applying tried and tested design principles. So decluttering, making use of negative space, bold colours, and adding consistency to increase aesthetics and consumer recollection have all played their part. From the outset we realised we had to inject some get-up-and-go into this brand. We wanted to create a bold and refreshing family of cereals. This range now has the ability to jump out at you from shop or kitchen shelf.

Done Better

  • Names
  • Look and Feel
  • Product Descriptors
  • Logos & Icons
  • Packaging
  • Brand Guidelines

Do Better Skill Sets

  • Strategy
  • Concepts
  • Design
  • Art Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Illustration